Review: Gigantosaurus The Game

Gigantosaurus The Game

We received a digital download code for the game Gigantosaurus The Game from Outright Games as part of my participation in a Twitter Party today at 11am. Opinions are my own.

I am always on the lookout for new fun games for my kids. Andy and Eva has been playing more video games lately and that’s great. I love that they are bonding over several games. I was able to get chosen to participate in a Twitter party for Gigantosaurus The Game and with it came a download code of the whole game that the kids could play on the Nintendo Switch. The game has two major parts to it. There is the adventure portion of the game and there is the racing portion of the game.

Group race shot

The racing game has pretty simple controls but a fun experience. AS you zip along the track you have to collect objects and avoid obstacles. Meanwhile much larger dinos are walking around and through the course. You have to be quick as you steer aredound their giant feet.

Gigantosaurus group shot

In the adventure portion of the game you can switch between the four core characters: Rocky, Tony, Mazu and Bill if you are playing in single player mode. If you are playing multiplayer then everyone teams up together to play through the adventure. You have dinos running around collecting things, putting on disguises to avoid raptors, shooting basketball hoops and even using bouncy shoes. This open world platformer has the little dinos running all over the place doing simple and fun things. They can bounce real high float on plants and solve puzzles. It is quick and fun and adapts the Disney Junior show pretty well.

Mazu exploring

As you play through the game you will need to use the skills of each of the dinos. You can easily switch between all four and have them right there when you need them.

Rocky Exploring

I also have a coloring page for you below so that you can click the image and download the .pdf file, print it at home and color it.

Gigantosaurus Group

Today at 11am There is a Twitter party. To join in you have to RSVP at

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