Halftoys Dino T-Rex

Review: Halftoys Dinos – T-Rex


We received a cute little toy from Learnplay Inc. They are called Halftoys and we received the T-Rex from the Dinosaur series. Opinions are our own.

When I was approached about this review I was excited because the concept was so cool. A little plastic dinosaur that you could pull apart and see all the bones. then you could take those bones apart and reassemble them like a puzzle. The toy also includes a papercraft diorama that you assemble in order to use as a display or a play area for your dino. The two halves of the dino’s outer shell are magnetic and you can take the skeleton out of the toy and reassemble the two empty halves. I made a video all about the assembly and more about what I thought of these fun toys. Take a look below.

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