Review: Liberty’s Kids The Complete Series

Liberty's Kids

We received a copy of Liberty’s Kids – the Complete Series on DVD to watch and review. When my daughter saw it she exclaimed that she had watched the show before and was excited to watch more of it.

so that is what we did.

We watched the show for a few mornings and went through many of the episodes. I love hearing voice talent and the lineup of people providing voices to this show is excellent. Here are just some of the voices you’d hear on this show: Whoopi Goldberg, Walter Cronkite, Kathleen Barr, Billy Crystal, Michael Douglas, Warren Buffett, Liam Neeson and more! I also enjoyed seeing a show centered around the American Revolution that was for kids. The show has certainly sparked Eva’s curiosity to learn more and we are fortunate in that we live in Massachusetts and can visit many of the places mentioned in the show.

Here’s a trailer for the DVD.

and more information about the series.

Liberty’s Kids – The Complete Series
Travel back in time with Benjamin Franklin’s teenage reporters as they confront the real and physical dangers of the American Revolution. Trapped in opposite sides of the war – James an American colonist and Sarah a young English reporter are forced to choose between friendship and allegiance to their countries. All while they try to look after mischievous Henri, a French boy whose comical escapades constantly lead to trouble. Journey through history and discover the high points of the American Revolution through this fun and animated educational adventure!
• $12.98 SRP
• July 16 Release Date

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