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PlayTape by InRoad Toys
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We received two types of PlayTape to play with and review. Opinions of the product are 100% our own.

Last year at Toy Fair I saw a ton of great toys. I wanted to make sure that I hit up the Modarri booth because I had backed those guys on Kickstarter and wanted to see what new things were coming. There I saw some cool roads for the cars and learned that it was actually PlayTape by InRoad Toys. I popped over a couple aisles and talked with that team. PlayTape is such a cool idea. Take the concept of painter’s tape that while sticky does not in any way mess up floors or other smooth surfaces. Then instead of having blue or green for the tape you put on a design of a road, dirt track or train track (And soon, Hot Wheels track – see Press Release below). Now kids can use this PlayTape to create their own tracks all over the place. Andrew and I demonstrate the track in my daily vlog below.

Here are more details on the PlayTape and specifically the items that we received as well as the Press Release for the Hot Wheels PlayTape that is going to be shown at Toy Fair. That will be very cool.

Classic Road Series PlayTape
Price: $7.99 (size 30’ x 2”)

Classic Road Series PlayTape (Wide Version)
Price: $12.99 (size 30’ x 4”)

Description: Printed to look like a road, PlayTape Classic Road Series is a roll of removable tape that’s perfect for playing with die-cast toy and model cars like Hot Wheels® and Matchbox®. PlayTape is the fastest way to create roads for imaginative play, display, or decoration. Make instant roads, anytime, anywhere!
PlayTape has been specifically designed to bring hours of imaginative entertainment at minimal cost and maximal convenience. With a single roll of PlayTape Classic Road Series, you can create a road or a whole city. Use the toy cars you already have to drive on PlayTape. Use the blocks and toy buildings you already have to build a town through which PlayTape traffic flows. Create places real or imaginary. The possibilities are as endless as a desert highway.
Where to buy:

Classic Road Series Tight Curve, 4” Wide
Classic Road Series Tight Curve, 2” Wide
Price: $3.99 each
Description: Take your roads to the next level with PlayTape Curves. Designed to give your creations realistic twists and turns, Curves are made to scale and perfectly adjoin with PlayTape Classic Road Series, Classic Rail Series and Off-Road Series.

Made of recyclable, self-adhesive paper tape, PlayTape Curves stick to any flat surface and, just like our roads, are repositionable and won’t leave behind residue.

PlayTape products are the perfect way to inspire children to invent an imaginative world built with ingenuity and originality. Expand their excitement with PlayTape Curves… the twists and turns all roads deserve.

InRoad Toys Launches Hot Wheels PlayTape Under License with Mattel Company Reveals a New Universe of Open-Ended Play with the World’s #1 Toy

CROFTON, Maryland, February 5, 2016 – InRoad Toys, makers of award-winning PlayTape®, announced today the launch of its new Hot Wheels® PlayTape product line, under a license agreement with Mattel, Inc.

A 2016 Toy Industry Association Toy of the Year Finalist, PlayTape enables kids to instantly create roads for toy vehicle play anytime, anywhere. PlayTape sticks to any flat surface and is easy to tear by hand and reposition. It peels up without any residue and is recyclable, so cleaning up is a snap.

Hot Wheels PlayTape rolls the #1 toy in the world – Hot Wheels – into a new universe of open-ended play on the #1 toy road in the world, PlayTape. With Hot Wheels PlayTape, the vehicle play experience is as simple and unbounded as “Unroll, Stick, and Race!Ô”

“For nearly 50 years, kids have raced literally billions of Hot Wheels cars on floors, tables, countertops, and even walls,” said Andy Musliner, Founder and CEO of InRoad Toys. “Now, with Hot Wheels PlayTape, they can instantly build the racing world of their dreams and drive everywhere, anytime, anywhere. We’re extremely proud to bring the next generation of vehicle play to Hot Wheels fans around the globe.”

Inspired by classic Hot Wheels track sets, the Hot Wheels PlayTape Track design features a re-imagined modern look that evokes Hot Wheels speed, power, and performance. It’s directly compatible with, and designed to-scale for 1:64 die cast Hot Wheels cars and track. Hot Wheels PlayTape Curves, sold separately, complement the straight Track and include the classic flanges for simulating banked turns. Hot Wheels PlayTape comes in both Hot Wheels Orange and Blue in 15’ and 30’ lengths.

Not just for kids, Hot Wheels PlayTape also gives Hot Wheels adult fans and collectors a way to display prized vehicles in their “natural habitat.” “Hot Wheels collectors have never had an easy way to showcase their vehicles on a toy road or track,” says Bruce Pascal, the world’s foremost Hot Wheels collector. “Hot Wheels PlayTape is an amazingly simple, flexible, and inexpensive way to display your favorite car.”

Uniting generations of Hot Wheels fans, Hot Wheels PlayTape is the only way to cruise, race, and display Hot Wheels cars anytime, anywhere.

InRoad Toys will be unveiling Hot Wheels PlayTape to the industry February 13-16 at the International Toy Fair in NYC in booth #2146. At the show, InRoad Toys will be showcasing the rarest Hot Wheels in the world, the 1969 “Pink Beach Bomb”, on loan from the private collection of Bruce Pascal. The Pink Beach Bomb will be prominently displayed on Hot Wheels PlayTape.

Hot Wheels PlayTape will be available for sale to retailers, distributors, and consumers in the U.S. and Canada in late Spring, 2016. PlayTape is 100% Made in the USA, U.S. Patent Pending.

Hot Wheels is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.

About InRoad Toys/PlayTape®.
InRoad Toys develops groundbreaking, enduring, high-play value toys with broad applicability across age groups. The company’s premier product, PlayTape®, Fun That Sticks!Ô is revolutionizing the way the world plays with toy vehicles. With award-winning PlayTape, instantly create roads and rails for toy vehicle play anytime, anywhere! Just unroll, stick, and drive! It’s hours of entertainment on a single roll. PlayTape sticks to any flat surface and is easy to tear by hand and reposition. It peels up without any residue and is recyclable, so cleaning up is a snap. Take PlayTape anywhere – in your pocket or purse – and let your child turn imagination into reality. Since peeling out into the market in 2014, PlayTape has won 25 industry awards, including Parents Magazine Best Toys of 2014 and being named a 2016 Toy Industry Association Toy of the Year Finalist. PlayTape is 100% Made in the USA. Ages 3+. U.S. Patent Pending. For more information visit,

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