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Potato Pirates

We received a copy of The Potato Pirates from ThinkFun for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

When we first tried out this game it was just Andrew and me playing. The thing is, you need 3 people to play the game properly and with even more people playing the game takes longer but is much more fun. We played as a full family of four later on and it was a fantastic game that took us about an hour. The game has easy concepts to understand but they build upon each other and the sneaky pirates teach kids coding concepts.

Gameplay is a series of turns where players create functions for their attacks and then attack on subsequent turns. So the first time around the pirates set up their attacks. On their next turn they decide which players to attack. Occasionally players will find a Potato King and shout “All Hail” and that makes the whole table shout and salute as fast as they can so as not to be the last. The last player to shout “Potato King” and salute as to give away 2 of their potato pirates. There are seven potato kings ans so there ends up being lots of shouting and laughter.

It was great seeing the kids gain understanding on how to make their attacks more devastating through proper coding techniques like if then else statements. While I did win the game in the end the kids made it quite difficult for me to do so. I think the more we play the harder it will be for me to win against these quick learning kids.

Andrew and I made a video about the game.

More about Potato Pirates® – A Card Game of Potato War

Ahoy, Tatey! Voyage on the high seas in a quest to save the Potato King! Program attacks to roast, mash, and fry enemy potato crews in battle, but keep yer eyes peeled for Potato King Cards. Agi-taters abound who may loot and hijack yer ships! Brush me barnacles – ye may be hooked!

Type: Card Games Family Games New Games
Skill: Logic and Problem Solving STEM and Creative Thinking
Age: 7 and Up
Players: 3 to 6 Players

24 Control Cards
22 Surprise Cards
7 Potato King Cards
Instruction Booklet
84 Potato Crew with Storage Bag (14 Big Puff Balls & 70 Small Puff Balls)
16 Ship Cards
32 Action Cards

MSRP: $14.99

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