Review: The Great Cheese Chase from Peaceable Kingdom

Playing the Great Cheese Chase

Playing games with kids can be a double edged sword. You really want kids to learn healthy competition but when a game ends with a parent or older sibling victory a game of fun might turn into needing to console hurt feelings. When you play the cooperative games from Peaceable Kingdom either everyone wins or everyone loses. We’ve played a few of them and today we played one of the newest games, The Great Cheese Chase. It was an enjoyable experience for Allison, Eva and me.

Cheese Chase

The game is pretty simple to play. There are three mice that are trying to get through the house to the attic for a cheese party. To get there they have to avoid Tiger the cat. Players take turns moving the three mice up through the house by using the spinner. The spinner may allow the player to move one or two spaces or the spinner may land on the image of the cat and that allows the cat to move one space on the board. Players may even land on a catnip space and that allows them to use catnip to send Tiger back one space at any crucial moment.

Cheese Chase

At first I thought this would be super simple to do and that the mice wouldn’t have any trouble getting by the cat. Then we began to spin and the cat started snagging all of the catnip and was way out in front of the mice. I thought we were going to lose our first time out but we worked together to make strategic moves in the best way for our mice to get the best possible outcomes. Winning together was a good feeling and Eva was able to fully enjoy the game and we didn’t have to throw the game so that she could win. Here’s a quick video on how the game is played from Peaceable Kingdom.

While the games are great so are the materials that the games are made from. The Great Cheese Chase is made from 100% recycled materials. There is also a minimum amount of materials in the game from the directions being printed on the back of the box top to the game pieces being put into a paper bag instead of plastic bags. Even the plastic in the spinner is made from corn and will biodegrade, but certainly not before your family has many years of fun with The Great Cheese Chase.

The inside box cover.

Cheese Chase

What the game is made of.

Cheese Chase

Disclosure: We received this game to play and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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