Review: WARP: New Series by Eoin Colfer

WARP Book 1 Cover ImageI’ve never read the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer. I do find myself reading a lot of Young Adult books though and I love a good story. I was asked if I would post a press release about the book and if I wanted a copy to review. I said sure and was sent over the first book in this new series. It is called WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin. Warp Stands for Witness Anonymous Relocation Program. I could have read the book in one sitting had I the time but as it turned out I had to read it over a few days. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the plot, characters and story were excellent.

Imagine that you had a high profile witness who’s life was in danger no matter where they were and standard witness protection just wasn’t enough. We’re talking about witnesses who were testifying against people who had unlimited money and resources to hunt you down and take you out. How do you handle the protection of a witness like that who is not safe anywhere? You hide them, in the past. In this book Time Travel for lack of a better term, is real. Witnesses are hidden in time so that they are safe until trial and also after the trial is complete. This is the world that Eoin Colfer is bringing the reader into from the start.

In this first book we are introduced to three main characters. There is Riley, a boy who was orphaned and spent his youth being brought up by Albert Garrick. Albert Garrick was a small time illusionist who found that he had a penchant for murder a was also considerably skilled as an assassin. We are introduced to these two characters as the book opens in London, 1898 and Riley is about to perform his first kill. But, the man they were contracted to kill has secrets of his own that can change the course of history and the lives of Riley and Garrick forever.

In the present we meet Chevron Savano, a seventeen year old FBI agent. She was part of an experimental program in high schools to infiltrate terrorist cells. Things didn’t go well and Chevie was shipped to London to babysit, the pod, at least until things cooled off at home. Chevie is driven, determined and a kick butt heroine. She is brash, outspoken and incredibly skilled for her age. She is skilled in both firearms and hand to hand combat.

I don’t want to give much away because there are a lot of great reveals in the book and I am eagerly awaiting book two to be released. It is worth the read.

As a parent I feel the need to give other parents a warning about the content of the book. The book is for ages twelve and up. There is a good deal of violence in the book and so I’d certainly adhere to the age suggestions even if you have a young reader who enjoys action and adventure. I’d probably suggest that it is more suitable to teens instead of pre-teens but then I have young children and try not to expose them to too much violence. People do die in the book both by firearms and knives. Eoin is a good writer and quite descriptive so the violence can be a bit graphic for younger readers. Use your own judgement in the age appropriateness of the book for your own readers.

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