Reward your Entrecard droppers…

One of my blogging friends, Owen, the guy who is behind the comment responder, has written a post on how to reward your Entrecard droppers. Owen’s blog is one I visit daily and it always has great tips. Ask Owen is his other blog and on it he answers user questions. Owen is a knowledgeable guy and so you know you are gonna get good info.

So Owen, when is the next plug-in for wordpress coming out? Will it be Entrecard related?

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5 thoughts on “Reward your Entrecard droppers…”

  1. No problem Owen,
    I think I’ll do a blog you back for the Socialcardsters. I need to get a better way of displaying my photo-a-day through flicker, some easier set of code for people. I just can’t figure out how to do it well.

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