Rigging Up the Lights 2011

Photo-A-Day #2442

Today the Christmas lights got turned on. Dad came over and installed two outdoor outlets for us. He also informed me that I plugged a line of lights together incorrectly. A string of Christmas lights has a female end and an male/female end. I would need a male end to connect the extension cord. So, it was back up the ladder a few times to flip the first set of lights and we were in business. Once the outlets were installed I plugged in all the lights and Allison and Eva came out to see them. Eva was very excited. I still have to hang up the wreath but Dad gave me a light up Santa (between the bushes) to put on the yard as well.

I figure that I’ll eventually put lights on all the bushes, not sure if I like the net lights or not though. MY grandparents gave me more lights and maybe tomorrow I’ll go through them and see what I have to work with.

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2 thoughts on “Rigging Up the Lights 2011”

  1. Drew,

    I did the same thing with the light you did and ended up with the male end you connect to the extension cord 20ft up in a tree one year. R told me to take it down but I decided I could fix it. I went to the hardware store bought two extension cords. I cut the cords in half and spliced the two male halves together to make a male to mail ext cord. Probably not super safe since if you plugged it the two exposed male prongs are hot on the open end. However I was able to plug it and run my lights backwards.

    It totally worked and I did not even burn anything down.

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