Rockstartup Ep #41

Well, it is not the episode from Postiecon, one I might actually make it into, please, please!

Rockstartup Episode #41 is about a meeting that Ted had with some Posties including the always awesome Mr. Fab. Glad to see he got some air time on the ep.

We also see Ted, Marty and Sean looking at the Social Spark logo. I love it and love wearing my Social Spark shirt each time I fly. Look for me in the airports.

At Blog World Expo, Ted gave me a look at Social Spark. He gave me a 10 second look. It was much to short to take anything in. After the 10 seconds he asked me, did you catch the name? Name! I totally missed the biggest scoop in Postie history in some time, the name of Argus, the super secret project that would become Social Spark.

It wasn’t until days later as I was looking at my brand new IZEA mousepad and the new business cards from the IZEA team that I saw SocialSpark on both of them. Man what a clueless wonder I can be at times. And because I missed it, someone else got the scoop first. Damn.

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10 thoughts on “Rockstartup Ep #41”

  1. Well, now I am in the present. lol So sorry about that. I bounce around from one blog to another when I am bored. I hardly ever look at the dates. I need to pay attention I guess.

    I take it that you and Allison’s wedding went well? lol Now I have to read the last 4 years of your posts to find out.

    This video is really cool. I have been wanting to get some fancy video software. My son would love it. He makes a lot of videos for YouTube. He’s somewhat of a celebrity in the video game videos world. lol

    Thank, and sorry again. I like your blog, and have now bookmarked ya.


  2. George,

    No worries my man, you can comment on whatever posts tickle your fancy. I am fine with that. Yes, the wedding was great. It was one of the best weddings that people had ever attended. They really told us that. I am not making it up.

    As far as video software goes, if you are on a PC get adobe premiere elements, it is some great software, and on a MAC you are on your own because I am a PC guy.

    Please visit again, thanks for bookmarking me I appreciate it.

  3. Thanks Legend,
    I am assuming that is not a keyword but rather you are a legend in your own mind. 🙂

    Check out SocialSpark, it will be well worth it for monetizing your blog.

  4. Hey Drew. I actually put together a little scene of your SocialSpark preview. I laughed out loud when Ted asked if you saw the name..and Pete said “wow, that’s attention to detail.” I’ll try my best to keep it in the final episode. It probably won’t be until episode 45 though so you’ll have to be patient!

  5. Oh I totally missed Pete saying that. I hope it stays in. I don’t mind looking like a goof. Obviously. I can’t wait to see more episodes. Are you gonna be at the offices on the 29th? I’m coming for a visit. Get the camera ready.

  6. Ted knows about the visit and so does Ashley, not sure who else is in the know but I am coming to Orlando on the 23rd and staying to the 2nd. I have a company trade show all week and then start vacation on the 28th. And since the 29th is the last Friday of the month then I will be there for IZEA loco. Then on that Friday my wife and baby girl and my in-laws are also coming to pick me up and then bring me back with them to Boynton Beach.

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