Photo-A-Day #2765

Andrew is searching for something. Something to soothe him. Something to play with. Something to say. He’s been working on vocalizing every day. He has “Dada” down pat. He’s been saying pretty much just that for a few months now. We keep trying to have him repeat Mama but no dice, nor Eva nor anything else specifically. He’ll say “dat” or something similar, he’s starting to get some of the sign language things down like “More”. We continue to work on his language skills so that he can communicate more with us.

That being said he’s been very tough at night. He gets up many times each night. The only thing that is soothing him is to feed. Rocking him makes him inconsolable. I pick him up and rock him from side to side and talk calmly to him and he just pushes and cries and screams. I try as hard as I can to remain calm and soothing until it is just too much and I have to put him into his crib and walk away. I love the kid so much but he’s just so up and down. He’s either fun loving and happy or crying and screaming his head off. We haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in over a year. But we certainly love him.

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