Shocking behavior on Broadway

I’ll get to that later.

Today I was at a trade show as you can tell from the Photo-A-Day photo that I took there. It was an interesting experience but there was no-one there. We had maybe 5 people come and talk to us. But I got a free pen and a couple of beanie babies that some of the other vendors were giving out.

Could of random things.

I’m currently reading a new comic strip called Real Life Comics, and finally you can go through the whole archive and get caught up on the past strips. Another strip that I have had a lot of fun reading is called Lost and Found. It is about a Private Investigator and his talking dog Max. It is a pretty good strip too.

Okay, Broadway is the street that intersects with Church street. After I got home from the trade show I took a walk with my sister Tara and when we were walking on Broadway, just a block away from Church Street, there were three little girls riding bikes on the opposite side of the street. The first little girl had to be about 6 or 7 and she is tearing along the sidewalk and lets out this ear piercing scream. Instinctively we turn our heads toward her and the scream. She looks at us and says in the most cynical and sarcastic way, “Whatter you looking at!”.

Tara and I were both a little shocked, I mean here is a six year old screaming and then giving us the same attitude that comes from years of practice at being a Grade A bitch. So we said nothing and kept walking but as we walked along a couple of responses came to me, such as, “The poster child for birth control!” , “Nothing, just thinking how you would make someone a great soul sucking ex-wife someday.” But we were just shocked at the way she said “Whatter you looking at!” It made me feel that her head was about to spin and the pea soup was moments away.

Also in other news, Wisconsinites wanna get their cat shooting on. Question #62 passed, however there is no change to law at this time. What Happened?

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