ShutterCal Prints are Here!

Photo-A-Day #1799

I have been taking photos for nearly five straight years. Today I finally have physical prints of my photos, at least for the month of January, 2010. I started this year as a guest blogger for ShutterCal in return for Shoebox and ShutterCal prints for the year. The guest blogging gig did not work out but I am still a huge fan of ShutterCal and will let you know what I think of each new pack of ShutterCal prints that I receive. This is my first shipment and I am impressed.

To buy prints from ShutterCal you purchase print credits. Each credit is good for one month worth of prints. You can pre-purchase credits for a month at a time or more. The more you buy at the same time the better your deal works out to be. And these prints are certainly worth every penny.

The prints are of a heavyweight cardstock with a nice matte finish. You can have the cards show the day count and date on the front. You can choose to have Black, Grey or White as the background, too. On the back you can choose to display your username or not. The one issue I have is that I have to add the HTML paragraph tag to display my captions correctly online however this did not translate correctly to the printed card. There was no space between the title and then to the photo-a-day # and then the caption. It all ran together.

The cards fit perfectly into the ShutterCal Shoebox. The ShutterCal Shoebox was specifically designed to house the ShutterCal prints. This is a very slick product. I’m excited to have one full year of my photos printed out and getting them each month is something to look forward to.

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6 thoughts on “ShutterCal Prints are Here!”

    1. Laura,
      The prints really are special. I have so many digital photos and hardly ever print them out. This process really takes the thought out of it for me. I just place my order for the month and boom, it comes to me right away after that. I just reformatted all my captions and ordered my February prints. I have a big job ahead of me if I want to print out ALL of my five years of photos because let’s face it there are so many that I have to upload. But I think I might try something out starting with Year 6. I may start doing a retrospective sort of thing. We shall see.

  1. Hi 🙂

    I just read your post over at Chris’s site
    after reading a PILE of whining and complaining posts last night
    i was so freaking happy to see someone like you
    it was very “i’m doing this, I’m good at it and I’m not giving up.”
    which is of course
    why you’ll get a camera
    why you’ll succeed
    why you’re not sitting around waiting for the *perfect* camera before you start

    Cripes after reading that and looking at your post
    *I’m* going to try and get you a frikkin camera!

    thank-you for being pro-active
    I gave up on blogs last night
    not today!

    1. Hi Kat,
      Yes, I put together a very big proposal complete with numbers and facts and a very personal request for sponsorship of my project. I shoot with so many different cameras (over the past 5 years I’ve shot with tons of them.) that while I am big fan of Nikon I am not married to any one company. I have a Nikon DSLR and a Canon Point and Shoot. I also use a Sanyo waterproof camera for my on the water shots. I know that some camera company will be getting a huge return on investment if they sponsor me for a year. I have a five year track record of photos that back up my commitment and so I will not give up on that.

      Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I appreciate that so much. I try not to whine, not to complain as it does no good. I know that working hard and continuing to improve is the only way to get what you want. Thanks again for the great comment, really bolstered my commitment to make this happen.

    1. Glad you liked it, would still love it if you read my comment policy and left a name instead of a keyword in the name field.

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