Singer Spotlight: Paul Wright

Paul Wright
I enjoy music and have been using MySpace to introduce myself to many talented singers and songwriters. I have amassed quite a few friends of that nature. I basically only accept friend requests from singers, my personal friends and comedians. That is what I use MySpace for. I don’t use it to meet a bunch of new random people. I don’t try and amass as many “friends” as possible. I use it to listen to great new music.

Because of this I have quite a long list of singers/songwriters that are friends on MySpace. I am starting a new feature called the Singer Spotlight. I will be posting about each of the singers I have on my friends list on MySpace and providing you with links to their MySpace profiles where you can listen to their music.

The first singer I am going to write about is Paul Wright. Paul has a very interesting sound. His music blends influences from Reggae, jazz, pop and hip hop, and it comes out on with sweet lyrics on the acoustic guitar. Paul really makes use of the power of MySpace and has a huge following. His music is categorized under Indie/Acoustic/Christian. Paul uses MySpace as his official website too. He is one of the more prolific singers who blog. There is a blog post from Paul almost every week and each one has tons of comments added moments after it is posted. Paul’s music is fun and great to listen to. It also has a message but it doesn’t hit you over the head. Rather the lyrics permeate your subconscious as you bop along to his music.

Paul also has some good marketing stuff as well. He plays on his last name for some t-shirt designs. For instance he has a shirt that says Mr. Wright and a women’s t-Shirt that says Mrs. Wright. When Paul makes a new T-shirt he asks the fans on MySpace for opinions. Paul has a lot of interaction with his fans through MySpace. I just wish he’d come out this may more often but he is based out of the West Coast.

Take a listen to Paul’s music on MySpace. You can even download 4 of his songs. My favorite is Sunrise to Sunset. It has been on my MP3 player for at least a year now.

Paul has also generated quite a buzz through his street team called, The Goonies. He’s from Oregon you know. The Goonies are pretty loyal fans of Paul’s and help market his shows.

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