Skeleton Wedding Cake

Photo-A-Day #1986

Today I was able to take photos for my cousin David and his wife Heather at their wedding. They had a simple down home wedding where Heather’s sister made the meal, I took a few photos and Grandpa Bennett did a blessing. Grandpa Bennett does the blessing for all family weddings and they are always great.

David and Heather are unique and have many great interests and their wedding was also unique. I was happy to take photos but wish I had caught the actual ceremony. They knew that I wouldn’t be able to ahead of time but either way they were happy I could take some photos. My grandmother used one of my Flips to record the ceremony and what is great about technology these days would be being able to give them the photos and the video right after the reception.

Heather’s sister also made three great cakes: Chocolate, Carrot and Yellow. They were all delicious. One of the cakes had a skeleton bride and groom, another had custom Dungeons and Dragons Characters and the other had a couple of paper owls. No matter the cake topper the cakes themselves were absolutely delicious and they two love each other so much. Don’t the look happy.

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