Sky in New England – PAD #1012

Sky in New England - PAD #1012

Today the sky looked awesome as I left work. And about 10 minutes later the sun had set. It is depressing for the sun to set before 5:00pm. I don’t get to affected by the seasons but it just seems like you’ve had no day when you go to work when it is dark out and then come home when it is also dark out. Just seems like you really missed out.

On the home front I am working on getting out home computer working again. It has been an utter pain in the butt lately so I hit it with the system recovery and wiped the slate clean. We shall see how things progress from there.

Oh yes, this was taken with my new Sanyo EC1. IT is a 6MP camera and it won’t work if you put the batteries in backwards. Argh I could kick myself up and down the street for that mistake. 4 days wasted with camera phone shots.

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27 thoughts on “Sky in New England – PAD #1012”

  1. Drew, Great photo! Did I teach you about leading into the subject with something? You did a good job leading into that beautiful sky with the track. Most people would look at that scene and not appreciate it. I’m glad to see that you can see the natural beauty that surrounds us. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Chica, if you read the comments below I learned those things from my Dad. He taught me much about photography. I should have asked him about batteries though. I can’t believe I did that.

  3. Eddie, you got it right the first time, the shot was with a camera not a phone. No more camera phone shots till I get the new camera phone and event hen it will be limited.

  4. Thanks Dad, I think I unconsciously see these things and know that there are certain rules or techniques out there, I am sure that I learned many of them from you. I hadn’t consciously thought of leading in this photo but that is what I did. I just saw what I saw and thought it looked good together. I guess I was right as many people have stopped to comment on this photo.

  5. Mike,
    Both have their good qualities, I enjoy film and think that my background in film helps more with my current digital work. But I wouldn’t go back to film because of the ease of use of digital.

  6. Thanks very much Kellie. I appreciate you taking the time to stop here and comment on my blog. I am flattered that you like my photos so much too.

  7. 4 at the moment. But I can easily round up 10 within the confines of this house and garage. Thanks for the comment about this. I am amazed at how everyone has responded to it.

  8. Thanks very much, I love the photo you have up of the child in motion, that is awesome. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  9. The road being desolate really adds to the leading into the shot. Hard to find that a lot of the time… Great capture!

  10. Thanks Becky, that is a real compliment coming from you, I find many of your photos very inspiring and amazing. The sunrise in the windows was very cool.

    I was lucky because this was an empty track, used to be a horse track.

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