Skylanders Website Updated with ALL the New Skylanders Giants Figures

I was checking out facebook and there was a great update from Skylanders Game. The Skylanders website underwent a GIANT update. Now you can go and check out the details and stories on every single new Skylanders Giants figure. There are eight new Giants (One for Each Element) and also one new regular size Skylanders figure (One for Each Element). Each exisiting figure gets a new release in a new pose (maybe, one of each element is missing from the collector’s poster) and then there are 8 new Lightcore figures.

Here is the trailer for the brand new Skylanders Giants game.

You can go to the Skylanders website and see each and every new Skylander. Just click on the element symbol and then you can see the whole team for that element.

Here’s a run down of the elements and the figures.

Water Element

  • Giant – Thumpback – A giant humpack whale
  • Lightcore Skylander – Chill – A new female character
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Zap – new pose
    • Slam Bam – new pose
    • Gill Grunt – new pose
    • Chill – new pose
    • Legendary Slam Bam – Blue and Gold
    • Legendary Chill – Blue and Gold
    • Missing – Wham-Shell

Tech Element

  • Giant – Bouncer – A giant robot on a wheel
  • Legendary Giant Bouncer – blue and gold
  • Lightcore Skylander – Drobot – New Pose
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Drill Sargent – new pose
    • Trigger Happy – new pose
    • Drobot – new pose
    • Sprocket (New female character)
    • Missing – Boomer

Earth Element

  • Giant – Crusher – A giant rock smashing Skylander
  • Lightcore Skylander – Prism Break – A perfect choice for this new technology.
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Terrafin – new pose
    • Bash – new pose
    • Prism Break – new pose
    • Flashwing (new dragon and Bash’s crush)
    • Missing – Dino-Rang

Magic Element

  • Giant – Ninjini – A giant magical ninja
  • Lightcore Skylander – Pop Fizz – A new Skylander who is an alchemist
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Spyro – new pose
    • Wrecking Ball – new pose
    • Double Trouble – new pose
    • Pop Fizz (blue)
    • Pop Fizz (red in the Nintendo 3Ds Skylanders Giants Starter Kit )
    • Missing – Voodood

Fire Element

  • Giant – Hot Head – A fire giant
  • Lightcore Skylander – Eruptor
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Ignitor – new pose
    • Eruptor – new pose
    • Flameslinger – new pose
    • Hot Dog (A flaming dog)
    • Legendary Ignitor – blue and gold
    • Missing – Sunburn

Undead Element

  • Giant – Eye-Brawl – A Headless Giant and a Giant Eyeball who combined forces
  • Lightcore Skylander – Hex
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Cynder – new pose (Comes with the Skylanders Giants Starter Kit )
    • Chop Chop – new pose (In the Exclusive GameStop Battle Pack)
    • Hex – new pose
    • Fright Rider (An undead Elf and his Skeleton Ostrich)
    • Missing – Ghost Roaster

Life Element

  • Giant – Tree Rex – A giant tree (Comes with the Skylanders Giants Starter Kit )
  • Lightcore Skylander – Shroomboom – A slingshot toting mushroom
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Stealth Elf – new pose
    • Zook – new pose
    • Stump Smash – new pose
    • Shroomboom (In the Exclusive GameStop Battle Pack)
    • Legendary Stealth Elf – blue and gold
    • Missing – Camo

Air Element

  • Giant – Swarm – A giant wasp
  • Lightcore Skylander – Jet Vac
  • Series 2 Skylanders
    • Sonic Boom – new pose
    • Whirlwind – new pose (I suspect a White version to be released)
    • Lighting Rod – new pose
    • Jet Vac (Comes with the Skylanders Giants Starter Kit except 3Ds pack)
    • Legendary Jet Vac – blue and gold
    • Missing – Warnado

I wonder why there are missing characters, will the be released later? They aren’t even on the big collector’s poster. You’ll notice that series two figures have a yellow base where the series one figures have green bases.

Now those are all the figures that are on the official site but there are some other figures that are at Toys R Us. There is a three pack of Legendary figures that you can get from Toys R Us. They have a deal right now where you can reserve the hot toys for Christmas You can go to Toys R Us to print out the Holiday Hot Toy List to bring to your local toys R us. The Legendary pack has Jet Vac, Slam Bam and Ignitor. There will also be a Legendary Chill, Legendary Stealth Elf and Legendary Giant Bouncer.

And, over at GameStop you can order a special three pack of figures. Well, actually it is two figures and a new battle area. The two figures are Shroomboom and Chop Chop. The other item is the Golden Dragonfire Cannon

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