Slept Father’s Day Away

Photo-A-Day #2263

I shot this photo on the way into work. I spent the day asleep or at church. Well, a short hour at church and then followed by a day of sleep. Allison and Eva went up to New Hampshire to visit one of Allison’s friend and I slept.

But it was Father’s Day, what about the Father’s Day adventure that I talked about on the Barefoot Books Blog?

The thing is, I already had my Father’s Day adventure. I had worked Saturday night and was working again on Sunday night so it didn’t make sense for everyone else in the family to wait around while I slept. I think that, for me, I can easily move Father’s Day around to any other day and celebrate then.

Of course, having the house to myself I got to watch G.I. Joe Renegades and Transformers Prime when I woke up. I’m glad that the shows are now regularly updating once again. A couple good episodes, love having Adam Baldwin voicing a character on TF Prime. Adam Baldwin was in Firefly and is currently on Chuck. He debuted in the movie My Bodyguard and a few years ago when Drillbit Taylor came out he had a funny cameo in that movie. I was probably one of the only people in the movie who laughed and got the joke.

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