Slugterra Sunday

Photo-A-Day #3019

At the beginning of the month there were some new Slugterra episodes. We’ve watched all of them and even have them saved on the DVR because both Eva and I love them. I honestly thought that the show was going to be trash when I got a copy of the first five episodes on DVD. I didn’t want to watch it because I thought it would be so stupid.

Then I watched it.

And I loved it.

Back in February I attended Toy Fair and made it my personal point to find the company that makes Slugterra Toys. I found them and was able to get all of the slugs that would be available in stores. Thing is, I can’t find them in stores anywhere. I did see them at my Toys R Us once and the toys were all over the place because there are small figures like the slugs above and blasters and then there are collectible darts. The collectible darts is something I just can’t get behind. Do you know why stores have packages of replacement darts for blasters? Because they get lost. Why make something collectible that is pretty much guaranteed to become lost after a session or two of slugslinging?

I did get a couple of the blasters but Eva and I haven’t played with them yet. I thing a YouTube video will be in out future. Right after we do one for the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants role play toys including Trigger Happy’s guns and Ignitor’s sword. We’ll be doing those soon.

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