Snow Day Complete With Sledding

Photo-A-Day #2089

It snowed like crazy here today. It snowed so much that work declared that anyone who could work from home should do that. I am one such person and so I stayed home. This was a good thing because between Erik, Dad and I it took us a few hours to clear out the driveway.

Eva had great fun around the yard making Snow Angels. Allison would pick her up and toss her “gently” into the snow so that Eva could make a nice angel. Eva loved it, she had so much fun doing this.

Today was also a nice day for movies and popcorn so I made popcorn for Eva and Allison (I had some too) as they watched The Sound of Music while I worked. Eva seemed to enjoy it but lost interest. It is a long movie. But she loves Mary Poppins so she liked seeing Julie Andrews as Maria.

after I was done working we went back outside and took Eva on her sled all around the yard. She enjoyed it, for the most part. then she wanted to make more snow angels. I even made one with her and so did Allison.

We had a nice family dinner downstairs with my parents and finished up much of the turkey that I got from work. My parents couldn’t stop raving about how good it was. I have to admit, the turkey leg was delicious.

I have some turkey legs in the freezer that I’d like to prepare and so I’m going to see about some recipes.

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