Photo-A-Day #1352

It snowed yesterday and this morning we were greeted by a beautiful blanket of white. After I helped Dad, Erik and Tara shovel out the driveway I went over to Benny’s to pick up a sled for Eva. I remember as a kid, we had a house in New Hampshire up in Wakefield, I remember snow being so high on the sides of the road. The area where our house was located was not very populated so we used to sled down the road. The road I am talking about was a very very long road down to a pond. We had an old fashioned sled with metal runners. I was talking with my father and he remembers when he took that same sled and tied a cardboard box to it and would pull my baby sister Shelby up and down the road.

Well, we still have that sled but it is used for decoration. I guess I should see about tying a cardboard box to it and pulling Eva up the street. Eva has a Snowsaurus sled, it is an inflatable sled. Now Eva is a pretty tiny kid, she is tall but weighs very little. So she didn’t sink very much into the snow. And because of that when I turned a corner with her and she went over my footprints or Allison’s footprints she’d end up on her side. Eventually we made a track and walked on the outside so she could skim along without falling over. When we ran and said “Wee!” she would laugh and laugh. Best $10 ever! Couple of more photos from today.

Ready for the Snow

I'm all set for sledding.

Eva's Sled

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