So Huge

So Huge...
Photo-A-Day #1307

This was my eye after my optometrist appointment this morning. I usually have no problems at these appointments, but now that I have type II Diabetes I have not only the eye drops to make my eyes dilated but some other stinging ones for a glaucoma test. So, my eyes are stinging, I can’t see anything and the nurse with “the greatest bedside manner in the world” (I really dislike her) is trying to test the pressure of my eyeballs and keep my eyes open at the same time. Lets just say that it didn’t go well.

My left eye had a cataract in it, it was there from 8 years old on. I finally had it removed in 2005 and that thing blew apart like a pinata. I have vision in that eye now but it is very limited, however the doctor assures met that if I ever lost my right eye (the good one) I could get by and still drive, even at night. That is a terrifying thought because when I close my right eye and look with my left, well, God help us all if I am on the road in that case.

After the exam I went to the store for eyeglasses, my current pair have a divot, crater, whatever right in the line of sight on the right eye. I had to get them fixed because it was driving me nuts. I bought the lenses and got Crizal lenses with a 2 year scratch warranty. Guess when that was up? September 9, 2008, yay for timing. I did have a new prescription so I had to get some new lenses anyway. So that means that the warranty wouldn’t have helped.

However, I did get a copy of my prescription because I am going to get a pair of glasses from Zenni Optical. I have no backup pair of glasses. Because of that I am writing this post at night with my sunglasses on so that I can see my computer screen. I am going to be without my glasses for a week, too. This is not going to be fun. I need some new eyeglasses as well as a back-up pair.

I have a big head, we had a contest at work and mine was the biggest or at least in the top 3. There were some latecomers with bigger heads. That doesn’t quite matter but what does matter is that I can search for frames based on the lens size so that I can get the proper fit at Zenni Optical. And the prices are low. For what I am paying for my new lenses at the local shop I could buy at least 3 maybe 4 pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical.

Since I was unable to use the computer (due to the dilation) all day I was unable to place my order. So first thing tomorrow I am going to order my backup glasses from Zenni Optical. I think I will go with this pair.

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7 thoughts on “So Huge”

  1. I am really looking forward to hearing what you think of the new Zenni Optical glasses. I really want to order some, but I haven’t yet. I still need to go to the eye doctor…

    Did you get them to tell you your pupil distance? Or did you have to measure that yourself?

    Annas last blog post..Real Friends

  2. Uh OH Anna,

    I may not know all the measurements. Great, well I am going to try and see what I can order with the info I have and get the remaining info somehow.

  3. Anna,

    update. I did have the Pupil Distance on my prescription after all. I went with a 34.50 frame with $4.95 shipping. The glasses I bought in the store were $239.00 just for the lenses. I can’t wait to see the Zenni Glasses when they come in. This is the one I ordered.

  4. MissBHavens,

    Oh they were wide open and I was zonked out for the day, I was pretty much useless until that wore off. And I agree Booo warranties that expire right before I get my butt in gear to do something about a problem.

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