So Much Fun I Ripped a Stitch

Photo-A-Day #2664

The morning started off with me getting stitches after a wart was removed from the corner of my mouth. I’ve had it for about a month and a half and I was so disgusted by it that I couldn’t wait until it was removed. So I went to the office got a shot of Novocaine, got it removed and then stitched up. Next it was off to East Weymouth to Windy City Eats for another stop on the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour.

Windy City Eats is the place in MA to get a Chicago Dog, an authentic Chicago Dog. Hot Dog Man put together a full Hot Dog Story on the visit and a video as well. I took a bunch of photos as usual including the photo above that I took while waiting for Windy City Eats to open. There was a little pond up the road where I stopped to read and take photos. There were a bunch of dragonflies buzzing around and I took some time to take some photos of them.

I had their Doch dog which Hot Dog Man renamed ‘The Walter’ because one customer said I looked like a Walter for some reason and also because I customized the dog. I should have customized it to be a smaller dog because when I went to take a big I ripped out one of the stitches on the corner of my mouth. You can see the moment when I realized that in the video above.

So, on the ride home from Windy City Eats I stopped back at the doctors to get more Novocaine and two more stitches. I was trying to get home in time to record Zap! with the guys but it just wasn’t happening. So home I went and a nap I took before the Downtown North Attleboro Block Party.

Allison had a table at the block party out front of TD Bank. She had a very good location and it was nice that TD Bank asked her to come and set up there in conjunction with their summer reading program. Kids can go to TD Bank and open a savings account and get $10 after reading 10 books. While there weren’t a lot of people buying books Allison still made some decent connections and got some quality stops from people who were genuinely interested.

I walked around with Eva and Andrew and my Dad. We saw classic cars, singers and Eva got to play a few fun games like the moon bounce and hopscotch. She had a good time and got very, very tired so when I brought home Eva and Andrew I had two little ones completely melting down. So glad it wasn’t super hot yesterday because I think we would have all melted down. But in all, other than the ripped stitch it was a good day.

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