Soapy Bubbles!

Photo-A-Day #1806

What a really nice day today. I went for a little walk during the day around the swan pond at work. The swans right now are nesting so there are warning signs posted that they can be aggressive. I figure that if I walk around the pond and stay as far away from the edge as I can. At one point I stopped to take a photo of myself for Daily Booth and I hear the paddling of the swan behind me coming up fast. At this point I had to decide which way to walk away. I got a bit nervous because I could actually hear the Swan making very strong strokes to propel itself towards me. I would walk away and whenever I stopped it would come towards me. Even when I was sitting across the street from the pond. You don’t mess with swans.

When I got home Allison and Eva were out for a walk with our friend Andrea. Andrea came over to teach Allison her recipe for pizza dough. When they came home I went outside with Eva so she could play with “soapy bubbles”. We had an Easter bubble playset but hadn’t opened it from last Easter. So we had a great time playing bubbles before ‘Uncle’ Neil arrived. We played a bit and then came in to make pizzas.

I’m really enjoying our pizza nights and it was great to have Neil and Andrea. Eva must have loved the new crust because she ate her whole pizza and then dessert, strawberry shortcake that Andrea made. She loves having people over because she enjoys telling jokes and laughing. She loves laughing. And we love hearing that sound.

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