Social Media Session at Ms. Wheelchair America Leadership Institute

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My childhood friend Autumn Grant asked me to give two sessions on Social Media at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2013 Leadership Institute. It was a really nice morning. I took a session that I did for Blog World Expo and adapted it for more general Social Media information. We talked about blogs, podcasts, Facebook and photography and much more. I think the session went best when I explained how the connections with people that I met through Social Media led to some amazing opportunities. Much of the session came up on the fly based on what I learned as a blogger. The funny thing about this is that Autumn and I reconnected via Facebook about six years ago, so, once again Social Media and making connections.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Session at Ms. Wheelchair America Leadership Institute”

  1. I think this is exactly the reason why social networking sites like were built. This is to connect people you may know from probably all around the world. It’s nice to see that Ms. Wheelchair America is embracing this way of connecting to other people. They could run campaigns within Facebook and it’s also a free way of advertising or getting the word out to people concerned.

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