SocialSpark Saturdays: Networking with other Bloggers

socialsparkSocialSpark is leveraged by most bloggers as a means to earning money from advertisers, but what many bloggers don’t realize is that SocialSpark works very well as its own social networking platform.

I wrote a detailed post about How To Use SocialSpark To Find Fellow Bloggers but here are some additional idea’s on how to leverage SocialSpark to find fellow bloggers.

To start just log into SocialSpark
Click on Community -> Browse Users
I usually select the Bloggers tab if looking for other bloggers, this way I can weed out Advertisers.

When I first started SocialSpark, I wanted to network with the most popular and successful, I did this by sorting by “friends” and “blogs” to find who had the most friends on SocialSpark and who had the most number of blogs (with the highest props). This told me the populars and I immediately sent them requests to find out what made them so successful on SocialSpark and learn about them by reading their blogs, checking out how they did paid advertisements (quality, style) and emulate the success for myself.

Next, I searched for bloggers in Arizona by using the “Profile information” on the sidebar and searching for bloggers in Arizona.
I then did queries for technology and eventually poetry, SEO and other categories.

I would add as many people as possible as a friend request, when sending a friend request try to avoid being pitchy and spammy, but do check out someones profile and leave a comment or relevant bit of information that invites the blogger to want to accept your friend request.

I found many friends on SocialSpark and it was here that I first started delving into blogging in August 2008, SocialSpark was the network that helped me become as successful as I am today.

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6 thoughts on “SocialSpark Saturdays: Networking with other Bloggers”

  1. drew im glad you guys had a good time dating!

    im going to give your social spark networking a try.
    wish me luck!
    .-= Look at what tilden wrote blog .. =-.

    1. Hi Juliet,

      thanks for the comment. I nearly didn’t approve it because the line about bookmarking posts and reading them in your free time has become a very popular tactic of spammers. However I see that you are a real blogger and have left real comments in other places. So welcome to this blog I am happy that you found it and found it helpful.

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