Socks vs Banister

Socks and Bannister
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00284

I tell the kids all the time to put shoes on in the house and not to run around in socks. Today I was heading downstairs to take a shower and I was wearing fuzzy blue socks. I wear them to keep my feet warm in bed. I should have put some slippers on before heading downstairs but I didn’t. I was on the top step and slipped. My feet went forward out from under me and then they slipped step after step and I came down hard on my backside and then one leg went between the banister but the rest of me kept going. I broke one of the spindles and scraped up my leg and jammed up my fingers. When I landed, nearly upside-down, at the bottom of the stairs I stopped and caught my breath. I know I’m gonna feel it in the morning.

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