Some Days Just Call for a Kitchen Sink Cookie

Kitchen Sink Cookie
Photo-A-Day #4365

They are overpriced at Panera, I bought one once when I was using the Panera wifi to write blog posts. the cookie has chocolate Chips, sea salt, caramel, possibly potato chips and nuts. It has a bunch of things in it and tastes really good.

I had gotten up late from my day’s sleep and was rushing all over the house trying to take care of things and get out the door so that I could stop at Smashburger for dinner. I got to Smashburger and the wait was 26 minutes once you placed your order. Nope. Didn’t have enough time for that. So I went into Gamestop quickly and saw that they had some of the Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards. I picked up two packages so that each of the kids could open a package. I got them because we were just given two download codes to use on the Nintendo 3DS systems that we have (my old one and my new one). The new one can read the amiibo cards, the old one cannot. I don’t think they’ll use the cards much, but I will with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. Apparently there are 90 cards to collect for the game. We’ll be doing an actual review of the game later this week.

After Gamestop I decided to try out a new place call Which Wich, a sandwich shop, but it was so confusing and convoluted that I just walked out. I was pretty frustrated that I couldn’t have what I was craving for my whole drive to work and then basically going into and out of a few places while the time ticked by was also no fun. I went into Panera and the Kitchen Sink Cookie looked really good. So, I got one.

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