Something is screwy!

Update: I went to church then to the store and came home to find that everything was back to normal. Weird. I still want to be able to redirect the domain to my about page and eventually redirect to a WK page. But for now I’ll just leave things alone till I understand more.

Last night I tweaked out and made it impossible for the site to load. I realized today that I had done some nasty things to the .htaccess file accidentally. So this morning I replaced the tweaked .htaccess file with an old one.

Good news: The blog now loads.

Bad news: You can’t click on any of the permalinks, comments or anything to interact with the blog right now. I can’t figure out what I need to do to the .htaccess file so that you can click the permalinks. I’ve tried changing the structure of the permalinks and resaving, no dice. I tried changing the admin permissions to .htaccess and then resaving the permalinks. Nothing is working. I’m in over my head.

Any words of wisdom please send to benspark @ benspark dot com. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Something is screwy!”

  1. Perhaps you should ask whomever is helping you re-design the place. Maybe they can help.

    /end of seeing if the comments are working yet lol

    Chicas last blog post..Diced

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