Something so Majestic about Dolphins

I’m fascinated by dolphins. They are so fast and graceful but they also enjoy playing. Watch how beautiful and graceful this dolphin is as it chases a bubble ring, catches it plays with it some more. It is amazing.

On our last trip to Florida Eva got to go to SeaWorld with her Auntie Mo. Auntie Mo watched Eva the entire time we were at IZEAFest and since she had an annual pass to SeaWorld she took Eva there for the day. Auntie Mo was so generous that Eva came home with a stuffed toy dolphin puppet that amused her to no end. Auntie Mo got that toy because of Eva’s love for the dolphins.

Eva was fascinated by the dolphins and she and Auntie Mo stayed at the dolphin area for over an hour just watching the dolphins at play. I think that Auntie Mo should write a post on the new dolphin bubbles blog that SeaWorld just put up. You see, Auntie Mo is pretty much the SeaWorld Queen, she goes all the time and she absolutely loves it. She also has some wonderful photos of the dolphins as well as ones of Eva watching the dolphins play.

It looks like many different bloggers are posting their experiences with the SeaWorld dolphins. They are also posting photos along with their experiences at SeaWorld. If SeaWorld is looking for a blogger who practically breathes underwater then they need to have Auntie Mo write one of the Dolphin Bubbles blog posts.

I think the Dolphin Bubbles blog is a really wonderful thing because it is specifically for experiences with the animals at SeaWorld. I’d love to be able to write a post for the blog talking about the amazing experiences that I had on my last SeaWorld Trip. You might recall and amazing shot I took of Shamu. This year when we go to Florida, SeaWorld is one stop we are certainly making. I’ll be sure to take plenty of video and photos and maybe our experience with the graceful dolphins can be featured on Dolphin Bubbles.


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6 thoughts on “Something so Majestic about Dolphins”

  1. Mo,
    Actually what I am saying is that you need to draft a post for the dolphin bubbles blog as it would be the most entertaining post to date.

    Oh and get back on the dang blog wagon already, I need some Mo wisdom.

  2. It’s been my life long dream to make it to Seaworld, or at the least, Discovery Cove. I totally heart dolphins and orcas and sharks. 😀

  3. Chica,

    You’ll get there. It is pretty amazing to see the animals in action. Really amazing. Discovery Cove sounds really fun too.

  4. Anthony,
    Thanks for the comment I removed the keywords and left just your name. Please read my comment policy. But since you read the post and left a good comment I didn’t mark you as spam.

    It is a surprising video because many people have never seen this before. I actually saw my guide in Aruba do this with their mouths, they blew the ring and then swam up through it, it was so cool.

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