Sonic Boom Video Game and TV Series Preview

Sonic Boom - Tails, Sonic and Amy figures

When I went to Toy Fair I was able to get a look at the new Sonic Boom toys. They look fantastic and there were even more of them that I wasn’t allowed to shoot. I would love to have them for my desk and I’m pretty excited that there is a new adventure game and television series called Sonic Boom. This video shows off the video game and the cartoon. The thing that I am excited about is that the same voice talent will be in both projects. I have a sort list of that voice talent with more to be released later. But first, watch the video. There is even footage of a recording session.

Additionally, SEGA is pleased to be able to confirm the English language voice talent and voice director for the Sonic Boom videogame and TV series:

  • Sonic – Roger Craig Smith
  • Dr Eggman – Mike Pollock
  • Tails – Colleen Villard
  • Knuckles – Travis Willingham
  • Amy – Cindy Robinson
  • Orbot – Kirk Thornton
  • Cubot – Wally Wingert
  • Voice Director – Jack Fletcher

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