SOTP Flyer

SOTP Flyer
Photo-A-Day #1418

I’m at the Speed of Thought Playhouse working on the flyer for an event that I am hosting there called Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs. The event is one for bloggers in the New England Area. I’ve secured a bunch of great sponsors and am expecting some really great stuff at this event. I just found out that the Speed of Thought Players have their own blog too!

It is getting late and I have to go home, get to bed and get ready to get up for the gym tomorrow morning. Things are changing tomorrow. I started going to the gym at work on Monday but tomorrow I will be even more productive in that I am giving up Facebook games for the next 40 days. I’m playing them too much and I can be way more productive if I stop playing.

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8 thoughts on “SOTP Flyer”

  1. Lenny,

    3 different feeds, that is strange. I haven’t checked my feed reader yet today, yes I subscribe to my own feed. Your work has a hot tub and a bowling alley, that is great.

  2. Julie,
    The venue is a really great one. I am real happy with it and the sponsors that have come out to help have been awesome. I have some great stuff to give away. I’m really excited about this event. I made up the flyers last night too.

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