Spam Rant. Idiot Rant.

A friend of mine online named Elizabeth, she writes some great blogs, posted about spammers on her blog. She asked the question about no longer doing the do follow list because she gets many spam comments. I posted a comment.

I have adopted a hard line stance on comments on my blogs and put up a comment policy as well. And each day I get some idiot spammer thinking that their keyword will get through. If I like the comment I change the keyword name to a real name and delete their link. And then I comment and tell them that they violated my comment policy. I have no problem doing that on my wordpress blogs but you can’t edit the comments like that with blogger. So I toss those and any that are with the name anonymous. No thanks if what you say is important than you say it and say who you are.

So we chatted about this and later tonight I got a spam comment with a keyword as a name and I edited the name and took off the link. that is my policy. I love comments and respond to them all but I don’t like people disregarding the policy and trying to slip things by. So I replied to the comment thusly.

Guess what, you violated my comment policy, no biscuit for you. Also no free link with your keyword name. While I appreciate comments I have a policy that I stick to. I also have PPP Direct if you are looking for a link from my blog. Thank you and have a good day.

After that I got spam bombed with a ton of gibberish spam comments. I just don’t understand what someone hopes to achieve by sending spam comments that are just plain gibberish. It makes no sense to me.

Another thing that totally makes no sense to me is celebrating the win of your local sports team by flipping over some innocent guy’s truck. I was watching the news after work and saw that once again drunk and disorderly revelers decided that vandalism is the best way to celebrate their local team’s victory. Idiots! And now the poor guy, Michael Demello, who owned the truck is in such bad shape. For one thing he was only a few payments away from paying off the truck, it is a total loss. He’s a nurse recovering from hernia surgery and has no transportation to get to his job.

And no one is going to step up and admit that they were the ones who flipped his truck and at the time they were probably trying to prove their “manliness” by having the muscles to flip a truck. You know what, it takes a real man to admit that he screwed up and own up to his being an asshole. Those involved are idiots and if they were ever caught they should be ordered to pay for that guy’s truck as well as all the other damage that was done to all the other cars on that street and others around Boston. It was senseless and stupid and I bet it was caught on tape by somebody watching from the sidelines. It will be on YouTube, I guarantee it. And maybe if the video helps catch the guys who did this then it is a good thing.

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6 thoughts on “Spam Rant. Idiot Rant.”

  1. Wow I never knew we got biscuits for posting comments. Wow I figure you owe me like 45 biscuits now Drew. FYI that is not counting all my awesome I like (blank) posts.

    Feel free to drop the biscuits off anytime

  2. I think you’re paying these folks too much heed. Quite often, these processes are automated and / or quite scattershot. Far better to delete and ignore, and use something like akismet to kill the majority of the nonsense.

  3. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, and most times I am very polite. I like having readers who comment and that is why I try to respond to every comment. Many times the comment itself is legitimate but I’d rather not allow keywords as names. I’m implementing askimet to catch the gibberish stuff.

  4. i have had a bit of a problem but not bad. in fact, i had one WW post, a very specific one, that was being spammed exactly one time per day. i noticed that blogcatalog seems to have splogs and sploggers. i deleted their shout-outs and for some reason the spam immediately ended i have a lot to learn about this. I’m going to read her post now.

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