Springtime Popping

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Photo-A-Day #2533

The crocuses have begun to sprout all around the yard. I saw a bunch around the neighborhood too. Today I did some cleanup around the house. Swept along the front sidewalk and along the side sidewalk. I also raked along the side sidewalk. There were a bunch of sprouts coming up underneath the dead leaves. I’m looking forward to seeing what will be growing this year.

I took the cats to the vet for their annual checkup. The boys have lost weight since the move. Oliver had a healthy weight loss, but Duncan is now underweight. He scavenges like crazy and today stole a Cheez-it and ate it. He eats his food but still wants more, mostly our food and we have to guard our plates from his scavenging. Let’s just say that no mouse that gets into this house is safe from Duncan. That boy devoured the last one.

Andrew has been so vocal lately. Cooing and making all sorts of cute noises. He was playing with his taggies football for a long time tonight. It is so cute to watch him get so into his toy.

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