Squinkies Bring the Hot Wheels Cool

Photo-A-Day #2368

I really love it when things that I like connect with each other. The latest mash up that I’m enjoying is are the new Hot Wheels Squinkies. These tiny squishy toys look even better being dressed in Hot Wheels cool. When I was at Time to Play I stopped by the Squinkies table and saw that they had a ton of new designs including some for Hot Wheels. there are actually three sets of twelve to collect. A great way to pull boys into this collectible craze. They certainly impressed me and I now have them on my desk at work. They were in the background a couple of days ago.

It was another quiet day for me since I slept most of it. Sunday’s are always the toughest day of this new schedule. I am probably my most tired on that day. Surprisingly on Monday I’m not as tired, and that might be because I know that if I sleep the day away on Monday I’m missing out on my days out of work. Also the sooner I flip that switch back to normal awake in the day and asleep at night, the better. My cousin told my Aunt that I am nocturnal the other day. she’s 4 and that was pretty funny. she must have just learned about things being nocturnal and when my aunt asked for an example of something nocturnal, I was what came to mind.

Before I went off to work I had dinner with Allison and Eva. We had pizza and watched Sweet Genius as we ate. Have you seen this show. It is a cross between Iron Chef and Chopped with desserts. I’ve noticed that there are a few shows that are crosses like a new show with Duff called Sugar High which looks to be a dessert version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. But back to Sweet Genius. The show has contestants make different desserts that are not only using multiple mandatory ingredients, which roll out at different times as the contestants are already making their desserts, but they also have to make it inspired by different things like cats, sparklers and pearls. The host is rather creepy too. But of course we were mesmerized by the show. Not sure there are many places where you could find beet, corn and mayo cupcakes.

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2 thoughts on “Squinkies Bring the Hot Wheels Cool”

  1. I remember my brothers loved little cars and Hot Wheels growing up. As I was reading this my 2 year old son kept pointing at the picture saying ” car car” I guess he is going to grow up loving them too. Great post!

    1. Tanya,

      It is great that your son is going to get into Hot Wheels too. He might be a little young for Squinkies but Hot Wheels would be great fun.

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