Starry Christmas Night

Christmas Star
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Tonight’s post has taken me a long time to write because I’ve been mulling over whether or not to respond to some mouth breather on YouTube. Why this took up so much of my time I don’t know. I really need to get it through my head that you can’t argue with stupid. So instead I just deleted the comment and blocked the person. The comment was “ITS NOT XMAS MANN ITS CHRISTMAS”. Can you tell me what is wrong about this statement.

First, it is a grammatical nightmare. That is the first indication that an intelligent debate isn’t happening. The second is that it is an all caps and so that means that the loudest person is the most correctest (yeah I said that on purpose). And third is the actual sentiment. Having an argument over religious beliefs is always a losing battle.

I am not saying that someone who is offended by saying Xmas instead of Christmas is stupid (I’m not being sarcastic or ironic either). I’m saying that arguing at a person shouting their beliefs at me is stupid.

I spent a few hours researching why Xmas gets Christians so up in arms. I never mention it but I was a Theology major in college. I studied Greek. I studied much of Christian history. So, now I really, really dislike taking up debates over religious beliefs. In fact I wasn’t even sure what to say about it here. I respect that people have different beliefs but if you shout them in my face I am not going to give much credence to your argument.

I think it is an overreaction based on the idea that somehow saying or writing Xmas is taking Christ out of Christmas, If you go back to Ancient Greek and the Greek alphabet X is Chi and Chi and Rho were the symbols that Constantine used to mean Christ. There is a sentiment that saying Xmas is the secular world’s way of getting Christ out of Christmas. Xmas is not a new word, concept or idea. It dates back well before the 15th century to mean Christmas. I’m not going to get further into it but I’m on par with this post and what this person has to say on the origin of Xmas.

Xmas does not offend me because I know that X is a symbol for Christ and even if the intent behind it is used by people trying to take out the religious significance of Christmas I know the reason for the season. What do you think about this debate?

On a much less controversial note, Allison caught a great shot of Oliver tonight.

Oliver with his tongue out

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13 thoughts on “Starry Christmas Night”

  1. very good post, thanks.
    I have often been annoyed more than offended by Xmas just because it seems rather lazy to me. All the people I know who type it or say it are in fact just that, lazy. I am not saying that everyone is. I have always said or typed Christmas because it looks better and sounds better. I don’t know, I am odd. I don’t argue with people on what they say or use though, to each his own.

    I did not know about the origin of Xmas though and found it interesting, thanks for sharing.

    1. April,

      Thank you. I agree with you that it can be a sign of laziness writing Xmas and not Christmas. Christmas does look much better. I tend not to argue either but I get really invested in what I produce and so even though it makes no sense that I get cheesed off by some person leaving barely readable sentences. But I do.

  2. Hi Drew, and Merry Christmas to you, and your family. First, I got your packages the other day. Thank you very much. Now, if you will google Xmas – in the day when they were throwing the Christians to the lions the Christians used X instead of Christ so they wouldn’t get found out they were Christian & get thrown to the lions. If you will see the X is a slanted cross, which meant the symbol of Christ. Therefore, Xmas you live; Christmas your dinner. I had someone bellow on my blog that I was a heathen for using XmasDolly. I got fet up and googled it to find out for myself the history of Xmas, and that’s what I came up with. I was baptized Catholic. My whole family is Catholic, and I believe in Jesus Christ. Anyone out there wants to debate that fact bring it on! Sorry Drew, just thought I’d share.
    Look at what XmasDolly wrote blog post ..YOUR CHRISTMAS DOLLY BRINGS ON THE WINNERS!

    1. XMasDolly,

      Here’s the thing, the comment was on the video I made from Swagsgiving announcing that you won the Road Ripper. I was like. It is her username, get over it. Then I went to Wikipedia to learn more about the origins and stumbled upon that great article that I linked to. Other symbols used were the sign of the fish. Like those Jesus fish that people have on their cars. They would make that sign on their hands with their fingers in order to get into secret masses so they could worship safely and in secret. Like all symbols over time these things get misconstrued and misappropriated for misguided agendas.

      Thanks for sharing.

  3. Drew,

    I do sometimes miss fired up arugementative Drew. I also miss annoyed travel Drew he is the most entertaining Drew. Xmas vs Christmas I don’t see as a big deal. I would be more concerned with Happy Holidays or that fact that my work just had an end of the year party so as not to offend anyone. I realize there are lots of different beliefs out there and we need to respect them all but we should be able to enjoy the holidays we beleive in and not worry about offending others. I enjoy it when people wish me a happy Diawalli.

    Well off to deal with Human resources. I get to do sexual harassment paperwork today woo hoo. One of the people that works for me is being harassed in email. Very fun not!!!!
    Look at what Andy wrote blog post ..Seriously Frank

    1. Andy,

      Argumentative and pissed off Drew has mellowed with age and an iPod. Seriously, when I got my iPod I was able to block out all the morons at the airport.

      I always have to stop myself from saying Merry Christmas because of being PC. You know what it is a holiday, that is the day that it is I should be completely free to say it and I mean free from guilt of not being PC.

  4. Drew-
    I’m really glad you posted this and stood up to that other person.
    And I had no idea that X was a symbol for Christ. Makes me giggle a little at the people who are non-Christians and use Xmas instead of Christmas.
    Sometimes I really want to say Merry Christmas to a cashier at a store, etc. but I am afraid to offend. I really don’t know how our world got so PC.
    That being said, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Melissa,

      Merry Christmas to you too. I didn’t actually stand up to that person, I just blocked them from commenting. I don’t need morons leaving garbage on my posts, videos and photos. I hope that your family has a great Christmas!

  5. Thankfully working from home I don’t have to worry about being PC. Nor do I worry about it in the stores or on the street. I still say Merry Christmas to everyone I see. It’s not meant to offend anyone. If someone wishes me Happy Solstice I’m not offended because they are pagan. Get over it people. Though his/her shouting in all caps is irritating.
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  6. very interesting…i am one of those who use xmas for laziness, oh, and 140 character count haha i’m never offended if someone says happy holidays or merry christmas…i’m not religious. i don’t like stuff crammed down my throat either. if i want to know something or believe something, then i will search and study it myself. but what i think is funny,is how many wars were started over religion, maybe even over something as minute as xmas vs christmas :o/ people need to get over themselves. they just need to do their thing and let others do theirs.
    Look at what ciara wrote blog post ..Prodigal &amp The GED

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