Starting a Magical Christmas Season with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

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Tonight started the Holiday season for me. Eva and I went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Boston. It was a Daddy/Daughter Date because Allison had to stay home with Andrew. We went as a family last year and Eva loved it. She was so excited to find out that we were going again. She was picking out the dress she was going to wear a couple of days ago and was wondering where we would have our dinner. She was so excited, she told her teachers all about it and everyone else that we saw. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement as well.

So, we drive in to Boston about 4:15pm and of course there is a ton of traffic. The GPS worked okay but it is Boston so there are like fifteen streets all clustered together and it is impossible to know which one to take so we ended up a little lost. But we did get to the Theater by 6pm to get our tickets at Will Call and then go have a nice dinner. We went to Shanghai Restaurant for dinner. Eva was so cute, she kept saying, “Thank you for inviting me to dinner.” It was a very nice time and we shared a small appetizer plate and some Sesame Chicken. She really wanted to use the chopsticks but they were not working so great for her so she settled for the fork. We usually go to House of Fortune and they have these little plastic things that help kids hold chopsticks properly and Eva is great at that.

Wang Theater Ceiling

We made our way into the Theater and were so impressed by how beautiful this theater is. The ceiling was amazing. I pulled Eva off to the side so that we could take some time to look over the ceiling. She was very impressed so we took a photo. By the way, if you go you can only take photos in the lobby, there are no photos whatsoever in the theater. None.

We made our way to our seats, which were fantastic!. We settled in and Eva got one of the child booster seats and that made a big difference for her to see better. We talked about the theater and looked around and she asked a million and one questions. I read her the playbill and looked over what were were going to see. She was so excited.

The lights started to go down and we settled in for the evening. Santa arrived and so do the Rockettes. I forgot how awesome these dancers were. I loved the show last year and this year I found them even more amazing. This year there was an addition of a 50-foot LED screen. That was an incredible addition to the show and really made things special. We got to feel like we were flying through the air, driving around New York at Christmas and also seeing an amazing Christmas Tree light up. I just loved this addition to the show and I think that Eva did as well. She had this look of awe on her face the entire time. She had me hold her hand off and on and she just smiled at seeing the show.

Eva really lit up when the Nutcracker scenes happened. I think that was because a younger girl was up there doing ballet with all the toys. The look of wonder on her face was absolutely priceless. We just started going to see this show last year and I think it is quickly going to become a nice family tradition. Not sure how much the boy is going to like it and he may hold off next year for going when he hits about 2, we’ll see. But as for Eva I think she’s going to love seeing this show for many more years to come. There is still so much magic for her at this age and it really set me in the Christmas mood.

If you have the time and can go I’d certainly recommend seeing the Radio city Christmas Spectacular while t is here in Boston or when it comes back next year. It is a great night out for the kids and it is always a crowd-pleaser. the most wonderful part of it was the Living Nativity. So wonderful.

Disclosure: I was provided with comped tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Opinions about the show are 100% mine.

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  1. Eva is such a sweet kid! She’s brilliant! I love how much she appreciates not only her surroundings but some quality time with her Dad!! It’s such an amazing gift to give her these bonding memories she’ll keep in her heart for a lifetime. Kudos!!

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