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I’ve got some big plans, big, big plans to get some courses created for Prfessor. I’ve been talking with Jim Kukral and he’s helped me out setting up some packages that I’ll be offering here. I’ve done some freelance blog creation for some great people and I’m ready to offer my services to people who are serious about getting serious online. Part of my packages include blogging courses that I have on Prfessor… Oh wait, not yet.

The thing with having big, big plans is getting started, kicking it into gear and turning motivation into action. You can be the most motivated person in the world but if you don’t move from motivation to action you’ll get nothing done. I’m at the motivation stage right now. I’m excited and ideas are swirling through my head but action is not happening.

The one thing that I did actually do is create my first newsletter and so far it has been pretty well received. I even got some great feedback and ideas for future issues, I am not sure how often I will send one out but once I get enough info together that is worthwhile then I’ll send out another. Did you miss the 1st issue? Don’t miss another one and sign up now.

I’ve read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk and I know that I need to work very hard to achieve greatness. My friend The Real Tim Jones, who is also speaking with me at Affiliate Summit West 2010, just read the book too. Tim does a nice little review of it on his blog. It is the getting started that is needed. But I’m not the only one afflicted with this inability to focus. My friend Jim Kukral is also having some focus issues and he’s writing a book. To me what he is saying about focus is the same as I feel about starting up.

Let’s just say that knowing that this website is around is not helping keep me focused.

Yes it is a site and podcast that reviews Transformers Cartoons. The guy who is reviewing is very funny. He is dry and subtle in his humor and he’s also around the same age so he knows what it was like to enjoy Transformers at 10 years old when the show came out and how hard it is to watch now and be able to see such crazy inconsistencies and out and out mistakes. If you ever loved Transformers you need to subscribe to this podcast. You have to watch episodes #1-35 on the site or Youtube but episodes 36 on are able to be downloaded. I’ve finally caught up to Episode #36 so I can watch the rest on the iPod as I workout. I wish Episodes 1-35 were podcasts though. I’d want to keep them all.

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