Stephen The Dog, A Fake!

In what has to be one of the most shocking Internet cover ups in recent years it was revealed today that Stephen The Dog is not what he appears.

What We Knew

Stephen The Dog was one of the premiere Dog Bloggers on the internet despite his insistence of calling his blog an ODD (Online Digital Diary). This should have been our first clue that something was amiss. Stephen got into blogging to earn money for a small indiscretion with a seat belt. Being a dog with no income options Stephen turned to blogging and PayPerPost. Over the next year Stephen would earn about $300.00 through blogging, mostly about Dating Sites.

Stephen also decided that he would harass inquire of many corporations via a letter writing campaign. However the true intent behind that was to amass as many autographed photos of people not even famous enough to have photos for autographing. Then there was bobsledding, calling everyone by the 1st letter of their names and of course the countless mentions of napping.

Stephen The Dog? It is All A Lie!

Like so many bait and switch operations eventually the truth is revealed. Stephen The Dog is not his real name, it is a pseudonym to make him more likable to the common man, to give him that warm cuddly name we can all love. However, “Stephen” Is really…

Sir Alexander Woofington Kibblebits
Sir Alexander Woofington Kibblebits

Sure, that is a pretentious show dog name but that is not the worst of this whole lie. No not at all, a simple name change could be forgiven, but the bigger lie is totally unforgivable.

Stephen The Dog’s Blog is actually Authored by a Cat!

Well, actually two cats that work in tandem. Oliver and Duncan were contracted to do the bulk of the ghost writing for online blog, Stephen The Dog. …

When asked for comment Oliver was bitter…

Suck a Lemon - PAD #1004

“What! Who told you this, was it Daisy The Curly Cat? Well, I knew it wouldn’t last forever. However this is sort of old news as ‘Stephen’ tossed us out on our respective tails after we refused to go along with his crazy Double Stuff Nutter Butter idea. I mean, who needs that much peanut butter?”

Duncan however was more contemplative. He muses about the good old days.

Lonely Cats

“We had a good run, then ‘Stephen’ began to get greedy, he’s forgotten his roots. He now thinks he’s some sort of financial genius. Now that he is making some cash money he’s outsourced his posts to some Engrish blogger outfit. Don’t worry you’ll get the same grammatical and spelling mistakes, * Grammatical Errors and Spelling Errors were all ‘Stephen’. He called them Barking it Real., and quirky writing that you’ve come to know and love. But what will we do now?”

We’re cats. And We’re Cute. We’ll become LOLCats Models

Ollie 2
By Elizabeth of MomReviews

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10 thoughts on “Stephen The Dog, A Fake!”

  1. Say it ain’t so…the action photography…the education the public received about dog grooming…the vain attempts to control the weather…can it all be something manufactured for public viewing? Is “Stephen the Dog” just a brand with no substance, no heart…how can it be?

  2. I simply cannot believe all this. If this is true, I may have to question my entire existence. I find the content of Steven’s blog to be too canine friendly for it to have been written by cats. I would think Oliver and Duncan would take such positions as how great it is to sleep in the garage when visiting R’s parents or how dogs should spend more of the day after A haircut in a crate. If this is true, they are the Madoffs of the animal blogging world.

  3. Who are you going to believe? Stephen, a cuddly dog who would tolerate cats if they learned to play in a reasonable fashion (snobs the lot of them), or a guy who thinks he knocked down 181 pins in one round of bowling? (points don’t equal pins people — don’t be fooled)

    A loyal supporter of Stephen (the dog)

  4. Dear Stephen Supporter,
    Glad to see some people coming out in support of Stephen. Of course your case would be much more convincing if you weren’t leaving comments as a “Stephen” supporter and still using Stephen’s actual e-mail address.

    You didn’t think that through did you?

  5. But does a dog have a Buddha nature? Joshu would say, “Mu!” No one would ask the same of a cat. A cat just is.

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