Stocked Up!

Stocked Up!
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At every convention I come home with a ton of swag. Most of the time I get T-shirts. Back at Blog World Expo last year I came home with 16 new shirts. This time I brought back two. That is okay because I don’t usually have enough days a year to wear the T-Shirts. Or rather I never get to the t-shirts at the bottom of the pile because I wash a set and wear them over and over. I’m such a fashionplate, I know.

This conference I spent hours on end in the Blogger Lounge meeting people, giving away xshots and blogging. What I also did there was drink a bunch of Vemma and Verve Energy Drink. Vemma is a liquid formulas that makes it easy to get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to form a solid nutritional foundation. Verve and Verve Energy Shots contain the good things of Vemma but with some added caffeine to help you stay on top of your game.

I am considering being part of the Vemma Affiliate program and we shall see where that takes me. I’m really interested in seeing how things go with a month’s supply of Vemma (Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe) as well as two cases of Verve Energy shots. The one I had earlier today worked really well for me. I was so dead tired from my late night last night on the train that around 1:00 I began to nod off big time, at work. So I had one of the sugar free Verve Energy shots and I was good to go.

There are some interesting people involved in Vemma like BK Boreyko (Still kicking myself for not chatting more with BK, he’s a fascinating guy) , Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia is working on the Vemma web presence) and Missy Ward as well as Bonnie Schroader

One thing that I really like beyond the great taste and the energy boost is the fact that the company gives back.

Getting back into the swing of things after three days of an amazing conference has been tough. I was a zombie today because of the 1:00am arrival home and 5:30am wake up and go to work. That was of course until I had my Verve Shot but before that I was very very zombie-like.

I did snap out of things when I got a tweet from Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan) telling me that he’s now following me on Twitter. Once he tweeted that a floodgate of followers came after me. It was absolutely nuts. I could hardly keep up. Chris and I bantered back and forth twitter for a while until LuJean Smith (@LuJeanSmith) told us to get a room. It was pretty funny. I’m looking forward to catching up with Chris and I have to read his book Trust Agents before we do.

I did learn from this that sometimes you just have to ask. Also that there is such trust in a guy like Chris that his followers figured I was a good enough guy to watch. It was kind of overwhelming. Thanks Chris, we’ll have to do some karaoke at IZEAFest.

Speaking of IZEAFest the winners of the Ultimate IZEAFEst Prize Pack have been selected either by the Judges (for the Ultimate IZEAFest Grand Prize Pack) and randomly with for the two runner up prizes. I posted up the finalists for the Ultimate IZEAFest Grand Prize Pack and you can let me know who you would chose if you were a judge. But you will have to wait until Monday August 17th to see the winner announced on The MarketLeverage TV Network.

I’m also working on two very special things for people for IZEAFest. is going to be showing up in some very interesting places.

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6 thoughts on “Stocked Up!”

  1. Buck,
    There is another one coming up in January in Las Vegas, should be a lot of fun, not sure if I can make it but would love to do it again. Although I do like New York much better than Vegas.

  2. Drew,

    Awesome to see that you enjoyed the blogger lounge we provided. I sincerely hope you enjoy the Vemma products that you received. I’d love to follow up with you regarding what your thoughts are about them sometime next week.



  3. Kade,
    I really should have talked to you guys much more. I am enjoying the Vemma Products. I had them every day of the show and I have talked to friends about them when I came home. Let’s chat. Drop me a line on my contact form sometime next week.

  4. Hey Drew – thanks for the mention and the great write up! I’m glad you’re enjoying both the Vemma and the Verve. I’m looking forward to mastering the xshot like you have!

    Bonnie (aka blogbonnieblog)

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