Storing Media in the Stornas

Photo-A-Day #2832

Last week we went to IKEA to find ourselves a piece of furniture that would work for an entertainment center. We found a buffet called the Stornas (There is an accent there somewhere). today my Dad took me to IKEA so that I could buy it and bring it home. The rest of the day was spent building it. Now it is complete and I think it is going to work even better than I had thought. It has tons of space and we have already reclaimed some space and now there is less temptation for Andrew to go through all the DVDs and Skylanders. He can’t reach the top and so little fingers won’t be grabbing at the components or the Skylanders figures while we are playing or the Nintendo Wii U GamePad while it is charging.

Despite it taking a while I do so enjoy building IKEA stuff. I call it LEGO for Adults (but I like real LEGO, too)

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