Sunflowers in Rain

Photo-A-Day #1965

I’ve decided to do a little experiment for the next week or so. I’m going to post up the Photo-A-Day photo but that is it. I’m not going to write anything else. I want to see if the photos themselves will prompt anyone to leave comments solely on the photo and not on any influence of what I write with the photo. I may write other posts in between those photo-a-day ones but I’m not sure. If something moves me then I will. The other reason I am doing this is that I am going to try and go to bed early for the next week or so. I have been burning the candle at both ends 5:00am wake up 12:00am go to bed. I’m hoping that the increased sleep will help me be more creative and rested so that I can deliver higher quality images for you to enjoy. I’ll also be working on further episodes of the Photo-A-Day Podcast.

I’m not sure how the experiment will work. will this cause Lurkers to comment now that I am not filling the space with my thoughts? Will it spur conversation? Will it dry up any and all conversation that has been happening thus far? I’m not sure. I’m curious as to what will happen. There are over 800 people subscribed an yet there are so very few comments. I want to thanks my most dedicated commenter Deborah of Baba’s Farm Life who has commented on almost every post for over a year. She helps keep me going. I love comments, I love interaction and maybe with the photo to do the talking conversations will start. At least I hope so.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 25, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 250
Exposure: 1/40sec
Aperture: 9.0
Focal Length: 92mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Aperture w/MF
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

Another reason for the simple posts is that I am working on a ebook that I will be offering everyone at my sessions at Modern Media Man and Blog World Expo. This is going to be a comprehensive ebook on ways to create audio, video and photos for your blog, where to post and host them and how to get links back to your blog through that content. Once that is done I’ll also be offering it here on

At the Modern Media Man I’m organizing two photowalks along with C.C. Chapman and Daddy Claxton. One will be at the Centennial Olympic Park and the other one will be at the Georgia Aquarium, that one will be preceded by breakfast at The Landmark Diner. I wrote up the info on it and all details are now posted on the Modern Media Man blog.

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24 thoughts on “Sunflowers in Rain”

  1. Looking at the photo, it looks like that budding sunflower has a face. Look at it again, it looks like eyebrows, nearly closed eyes, and a mouth. Like he or she is just waking up, which is appropriate because the flower really IS starting to wake up.

    At least that is what I see.
    Look at what Christine wrote blog post ..Mike bought me a CrackBerry

    1. Christine,
      Nice observation. I am often drawn to shooting closed flowers for a similar reason. It looks like one giant eye about to open with lashes all around.

    1. Karen,
      I love that. I hope that the sunflowers outside do get a chance to get back off the ground and if a little water rolls off and does it then all the better.

  2. More sleep sounds like a good idea. I agree with you, it may help you to be more creative. Good Luck.

  3. Can’t wait to see your ebook! Great meeting you last week at Affiliate Summit. I love photographs of and photographing flowers with raindrops. I don’t always have time to leave a comment, but wanted you to know I’m watching and I’m liking what I see. I don’t have the stamina to post anything anywhere on a consistent basis, but you have inspired me to try.

    1. Deborah,

      Thanks very much for checking out my blog and the great comment. It was nice meeting you at ASE10. Thanks for being on our show too.

  4. This photo brings a deeper interpretation, just to see the seemingly fresh look of it is already refreshing. Cool photo, it actually plays a lot of images depending with anyone’s imagination.^_^
    Look at what Ali wrote blog post ..Personalisation Personified

  5. Your posts inspire me.Nice observation.I love that and the image seems to very good:the leaf with droplet of water.

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