Sunlight Guppy

Sunlight Guppy
Photo-A-Day #1313

I was at lunch today with Allison and Eva and the sun was coming through the window and onto this glass. With the bubbles it made the light even more fun.

Having a day off has been nice. Spending a nice time today with Allison and Eva has been very nice. We had lunch together, spent some time at Target and had a nice dinner. It is great being able to be home on a day other than a weekend or a work from home day.

This morning I was busy with the old scanner because of Facebook. A couple of my friends from grade school had uploaded a couple of photos and tagged me, that got me thinking about the photos that I have laying around. So I spent some time scanning a complete photo album from 8th grade which was 20 years ago. It was fun going through those old photos.

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4 thoughts on “Sunlight Guppy”

  1. Wow, what a cool looking reflection from the glass, It really does look a lot like the tail end of a guppy.

    I almost forgot that today was a holiday, as Mike had to work. His company only gives the big holidays off, but he also does get the days after Thanksgiving and Christmas off. And they are very good about letting him take vacation days here and there so we can take our little weekend trips, so we really can’t complain.

    Glad you had a nice family day! 😀

  2. Christine,
    I’m glad we had a holiday as I am in a new group and have to go to a bunch of work meetings, that screwed up my telecommuting day. So it was nice to have the day with the family.

  3. Mo,
    I love technology and being able to send you that photo. It screamed at me as we walked by. I had to stop and take it.

    Also, thanks for the nice words about today’s photo.

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