Super Bowl Flower Girl Princess

Photo-A-Day #2130

Each year we gather at my parent’s house and watch the Super Bowl. Eva got way into the spirit in her own way as a princess. She was also practicing being a flower girl. My mom has put that idea in her head that she’ll be the flower girl at Auntie Shelby’s wedding. (No pressure Shelby). So, Eva has been practicing by tossing things like magnets out of the basket in her hand.

I spent the Super Bowl enjoying some chips and dip, Chili and more, I didn’t go crazy but enjoyed the meal. I also enjoyed conversations with people on Twitter. My main intent was to start conversations around the movie trailers that happened. I had some great conversations with Greg Hoffman and Carla Marie Ciampa @cmciampa. They were both a lot of fun to chat with about movies. I didn’t get into the other debates about the commercials like Groupon and more. There were some that I liked like the VW commercial, that was great. I mean the Darth Vader one and the New Beetle one, they were both cool.

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