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Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00104

Game of Thrones came back today after almost 2 years between seasons 7 and 8. It has been a long wait to see the end of this great series. One of the big marketing things that they did was partner up with Oreo to make special Game of Thrones Oreo cookies that had house sigils on them and also the image of The Night King. I went and picked up a bunch of packs of these to have with each episode. We opened them tonight after dinner because the kids wanted to try them. Mind you, they no nothing about Game of Thrones other than that it is a show for mom and dad. They did have fun with the images and then asking us about each of the houses. Allison and I were like, House Stark is good. House Lannister has some good and bad. House Targeryon is good and The Night King is Bad. That’s as far as we went into it. No need to have them any more interested in a show that they aren’t going to be able to watch for many, many years.

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