SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: DUB Garage Control Freakz Camaro

I love the Chevy Camaro. I was fortunate enough to get to test ride a Chevy Camaro Convertible for a week. Of course, my Dad was the big winner there, he got to take the car to the Cape and cruise around and relive his youth and the muscle cars that he used to drive. I was given a DUB Garage Control Freakz Camaro to review and give away for SwagsGiving. Man I love the look of this Remote Control car. The car is from Toy State and is in the DUB style.

The car has a few interesting features in addition to just looking good. There is a full control remote control that allows the car to go forward, backward, left and right. The car also has great lights and sounds to accompany it. And parents will love this feature. There is a mute feature on the car so the sounds can be muted. The car has a turbo boost feature so that you can blow past your competition when you race.

This is a radio controlled car with a radio controlled remote that is on the 49mhz or 27mhx frequency. The car itself takes 6 AA batteries and the remote takes three. I’m a little disappointed in that because this is a big car and I would have rather have seen a rechargeable battery in the car and the remote have the AA batteries or a rechargeable one in it. The car does come with batteries in it (so that it can play demos while on the shelf) but the remote does not. So if you are thinking of getting one you really should have some AA alkaline batteries fresh and ready to go. But I do like the look of this car. It is big, has great rubber tires and is fun to play with.

If you’d like to cruise around with this DUB Garage Control Freakz Camaro then enter to win below.

Please use the rafflecopter widget and follow all of the directions. The first direction is to leave a comment on this post (scroll to bottom to the comment section) after you’ve visted the Toy State website and then tell what Remote Control Vehicle you’d love to drive. Then click the “I did this” button on the rafflecopter widget. You can gain more entries by doing other tasks after that. But you must do the first steps to enter.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this toy to review and blog about as well as give away as part of the SwagsGiving Event. Opinions about the toy are 100% my own.

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20 thoughts on “SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: DUB Garage Control Freakz Camaro”

  1. the CONTROL FREAKZ R/C is sweet as is the camaro in the video. Only thing missing is some lift kit to go with the music playing

  2. Camaro is awesome. That’s the one I want. Too bad its modeled after the 1969’s. My first car was a 1967 camaro 3 speed hurst shift. but I didn’t get it until the 80’s

  3. Mustang 5.0! Ever since I saw Bullitt I really wanted a Mustang. My brother was the same. He finally got one but it wasn’t a “five point O” . . . . Do I get extra credit for quoting Vanilla Ice?

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