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I received a Redakai X-Reader Starter Pack to test and review. When I was in college I started collecting a Collectible Trading Card based on a series of comics that I really enjoyed. When I say I was into this I was REALLY into this. I ordered packs by the case. A case had over 5 boxes in it. It was crazy. If this game was around when I was collecting I’m pretty sure I would be into this game because it looks so fun. I’m actually interested in playing this game with someone else who plays.

Included in the Redakai X-Reader Starter Pack is a portable battlefield and two packs of X-Drive cards. So you receive 22 cards and a portable battlefield. The portable Battlefield splits open and there is a place to lay your character card and a place to place all of your cards in your deck.

There are three different types of cards, Character cards, Monster cards and Attack cards. You start the game with a Character. You put that card into the play field and then you take turns attacking the other player and transforming yourself into different monsters to build up your defense against your opponent.

The cards are so well done too. They have Blast3Dâ„¢ technology and stackable gameplay. The initial card, the character card is solid. Then the cards that you stack upon the initial card have clear spots where you can still see damage zones and defense zones. Monster cards will cover up different defense zones and build up your characters defense and they may cover your damage zones that give you health back. Attack cards will cover and negate defense zones and also cover the damage zone with red (damage). When your character has all three damage zones in red then your character is defeated.

A character Card in the Portable Battlefield

A Monster Card overlays the Character Card

Character defeated with Attack Cards

Basic game play is super simple. You need to be able to compare numbers, match colors and very simple game play. You can also play an advanced version of the game, which I haven’t delved into yet which uses more parts of the card like special powers and abilities. The Redakai site is packed with great tips and tricks and will teach you how to play. There is even a community around the Redakai cards a story behind the card game and information about the Redakai television show on the Cartoon Network. You can also follow Redakai on Facebook and Redakai Twitter.

So, if you enter this contest, you can win your own X-Reader Starter Pack. Enter below through the Rafflecopter Widget. Please read and follow the directions of each entry. Thank you.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this toy to review and blog about as well as give away as part of the SwagsGiving Event. Opinions about the toy are 100% my own.

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