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Pick BenSpark’s 12 Photo-A-Day 2009 Calendar Photos and Win!

Purple Haze... PAD #1189
Is this a photo worthy of being part of the 2009 Photo-A-Day Calendar?

I’ve had some requests for a 2009 Photo-A-Day Calendar and I would like to do one. You may recall that I created a 2008 Photo-A-Day Calendar and gave the proceeds to a friend whose husband is battling cancer. This year the charity I will be raising money for is the Relay For Life. Allison is a team leader for our local church and I’ll be walking that weekend in June with her. Continue reading Pick BenSpark’s 12 Photo-A-Day 2009 Calendar Photos and Win!

Oprah’s Big Give: Machinski Episode

Allison and I watched most of this episode through tear streaked eyes. I heard about Mike Machinski last year when one of my classmates asked me to help her plan the 15 year High School Reunion. I had planned the 10 year reunion pretty much on my own and it was one huge headache. I wanted nothing to do with planning the 15 year reunion but something changed my mind. This time the reunion would also include a fun raiser for the Machinskis. Mike’s wife Becky was a classmate of mine. We didn’t run in the same circles but we knew of each other. When I heard their story I had to help.

For many months I helped out by recruiting classmates to come to the reunion. I put together some donations and I also put together the 2008 Photo-A-Day Calendar that I sold through Lulu.com. And I put up a donation button. And bloggers totally came through and I was able to pitch $190.00 into the $1600 total that was raised for the family.

Watching the show tonight, I could see how much the Big Give helped the family. The contestants pulled together to not only pay off the mortgage but they also raised additional money for the education of Mike and Becky’s three beautiful little girls, AND they also got Mike a brand new truck. Wow!

My greatest fear is not being able to provide for my family, to leave them without me and to leave them financially bankrupt would be devastating. This is also Allison’s fear. I can’t imagine being in the position that Mike is in right now. But as I read the family journal I see that both he and Becky are fighters who have such a loving family that they will fight on. It was great to see such wonderful things happen to such nice people who really needed the help.