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My First Test of the Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360 Camera
Photo-A-Day #4292

I decided to take the Gear 360 out for a run today. Test run, that is. I decided to make today’s vlog with the camera and see what I could do with it. So far I only know how to do a single shot but eventually I hope to be able to be able to put multiple shots together. I have some software for editing the videos so it might be able to allow me to put them together and when they upload to YouTube they still work like 360 videos.

So, this is today’s first attempt and I think it came out pretty good overall.

So far I think that Samsung made this camera thing so smooth and slick because they figured that people would easily drop it and I feel like that is going to happen to me. The little tripod is also very smooth. There is a hand strap that you can attach to the tripod so I think I’ll be using that to keep from dropping this easily drop-able camera ball.

Silly Dance Party

Panoramic Desk Image
Photo-A-Day #4098

When I got to work tonight one of my co-workers had the new Samsung Gear 360 camera. This takes 360 shots and videos. The image above was taken with the camera and the image below is the photo as it is in Facebook, however when you look at it in Facebook you can click on the image and pan a full 360 around my desk at work. I really want to get my hands on one of these cameras for my own use. I’d like to mount one on my kayak and get some good shots and video on the water. I still don’t know when one of these will be available in the US for purchase. The one that my co-worker got is an International version.

When I got home I was greeted by the kids who just wanted to dance. They love dancing around and being silly. They had me laughing at their antics. I have some of their dancing in today’s vlog.