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3D Printed Groot

3D Printed Groot
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00259

While we were at Granite State Comicon Andrew picked up a 3D printed Groot. This is a special little figure and it is rather fragile. I know this because I have glued on the head and each of the arms. First the head was snapped because it was inside a bag with other things on it then the arms got snapped because Andrew put Groot into slime. I have to explain what a collectible toy for collecting is as opposed to an action figure. It is a cute thing though and it is color changing! That is a the best part of it.

Modibot has Arrived

Photo-A-Day #3147

A while back I helped fund a Kickstarter campaign by my friend Wayne. Wayne and I met after his first Kickstarter campaign that didn’t quite hit the mark. We met at a Panera and talked about what it takes to get a Kickstarter campaign successfully funded. It was then that he showed me the prototype for Mo. Mo is the Modibot. Wayne created him via 3D printing at Shapeways. He got a community built around this fun little guy and then launched a fantastic Kickstarter campaign and made Mo for the masses a reality. I got a package of a bunch of Modibots and tons of accessories. I’ll be posting some photos of creations that I make with Mo.